Welcome to the sportscotland School Sport Award.

What is the sportscotland School Sport Award assessment Tool?

Funded by the National Lottery, the sportscotland School Sport Award is a national initiative designed to encourage schools to put young people at the heart of decision making, planning and implementation of extra-curricular school sport. It also encourages schools to self-reflect and continuously improve and recognise and celebrate successful school sport models. The award also encourages sporting links between schools and the communities around them, providing opportunities for young people to progress.

What does it help me do?

The Tool will help your school self assess their current school sport offering. This will provide specific areas for improvement, and an action planning Tool will help develop this. Schools will also have access to a wide number of resources and ideas they can use to continuously improve.

Who will see my information?

Only sportscotland will have access to your information plus up to 2 contributors that are assigned by the school. Your information will only be used to help further develop resources for schools but it will not be school identifiable.

Where do I go for help?

For help in using the Tool, please look at the FAQ section first. If you still need help you can contact us on

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